Self-portrait of source

Beneath the apparent diversity
and separateness of the world,
there is an underlying unity
and interconnectedness
rooted in a shared source of consciousness.

If you draw intuitively
and you completely
surrender to the moment,
something wonderful happens…

You connect with source consciousness
and it will reveal itself on paper
in a self-portrait of source

and therefore our collective self-portrait.

Through intuitive drawing you cultivate
a deep sense of interconnectedness.

It allows you to recognize
that every breath we take,
every action we perform,
affects not only ourselves
but the entire web of life.

We are all threads woven together in
the magnificent tapestry of existence.


Deze tekst komt uit het boek waar ik op dit moment aan werk, een interactief tekenboek over het vinden van diepere connectie met jezelf en daar voorbij met hulp van kunst.

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